Learn How to Become a San Antonio Police Officer

1) Earn an associate's or bachelor's degree (The most common degree for San Antonio police officers is a criminal justice degree ) 12 college units are required by the San Antonio PD, so an associate's is a good option.
2) Review the rest of the San Antonio Police Department requirements below and make sure you qualify.
3) Get an application from the San Antonio PD website: www.sapdcareers.com/apply-now/download-application/

San Antonio Police Officer Job Duties

SAPD police officers patrol their assigned geography responding to emergency calls, investigating crimes, collecting evidence, directing traffic, and related law enforcement duties focused on keeping the residents of San Antonio safe. At times a career as an SAPD police officer can be extremely dangerous but may also be the most challenging and rewarding career you have ever encountered.

San Antonio Police Academy Prerequisites and Educational Requirements

The SAPD requires applicants to be 20 1/2years old and no older than 45 years of age, a U.S. citizen, GED or equivalent, 12 college credit hours, valid driver's license, no "class A" misdemeanor or felony, no "B class" misdemeanor in last 10 years and to pass an intense background investigation and physical testing. Once accepted to the San Antonio PD you will attend instruction at the academy for 27-30 weeks and earn a salary.  The next 17 weeks are in the field with a field officer where all skills learned at the academy will be applied.

Education pays, SAPD Officers with higher education may earn up to $350 more per month. Police Officers with 1 year of service and an associate's degree warn $49,118 annually; officers with a bachelor's degree earn $50,318; and master's degree-holders with 1 year of service earn $50,558.

San Antonio Police Officer Salary

The San Antonio PD pays new police cadets who have graduated from the academy $31,692.

Request free information from the accredited online schools below and see how a degree in criminal justice can help you succeed in a SAPD police officer career.

Online Criminal Justice Schools

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Degrees Offered:

  • BSCJ - Law Enforcement
  • MSCJ - Law

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  • Bachelor of Arts - Law Enforcement Administration (Online)

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