Learn How to Become an Oklahoma Game Warden

Oklahoma Game Wardens are employees of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. An Oklahoma game warden's primary responsibilities are to enforce the state laws pertaining to hunting and fishing in their designated territory of Oklahoma.

1) Earn a Bachelor's degree. Oklahoma Game Wardens are required to hold a bachelor degree with at least 16 course hours in biology and wildlife sciences. A bachelor degree in a wildlife related field is preferred, such as a Bachelor's Degree in Biology (a commonly held degree for game wardens) or an Environmental Science Degree. Criminal Justice Degrees are also commonly held degrees for game wardens.

2) Take the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Standardized Employment Exam.

Oklahoma Game Warden Qualifications

You must be a US Citizen or an alien authorized to work in the state, be 21 years of age, hold a bachelor degree, preferably in a wildlife or biology related field and if not you should have at least 16 credit hours in biology or wildlife courses. Take the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Employment Exam. Those applicants that pass the exam are asked in for an interview and are required to pass a drug screening, swim test, psych evaluation, physical fitness test and a thorough background investigation. Once selected, game wardens go through a 300 hour CLEET training program and then six month of in-field training.

For any other questions or to request application materials, contact human resources at 405-521-4640.

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