Learn How to Become a Texas Game Warden

Texas Game Wardens are considered law enforcement officers and are responsible for enforcing all Parks and Wildlife Code, TPWD regulations, Texas Penal Code and related statutes and regulations. This is great time to research and start a career as a Texas Game Warden.

1) Earn a Bachelor's Degree. Criminal Justice and related Law Enforcement Degrees are the most common for Game Wardens to have.
2) Make sure you meet the minimum requirements listed below.
3) Recruitment, selection and instruction are as needed. Contact the department to learn more about specific application dates. Meeting these requirements is not a promise of employment.

Texas Game Warden Qualifications

Must be a US Citizen, must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, must be 21 years of age at appointment, must pass an intensive background investigation, must not use illegal drugs, must be able to pass a physical exam, pass a psychological exam, must not have been discharged from the military with less than honorable standing, must not have had a peace officer license denied or voluntarily surrendered, vision must be 20/30 without correction and correctable to 20/20, must possess a valid driver's license, must pass a hearing and an agility test.

A bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice or Biology will help you meet the bachelor degree requirement and set you apart from other candidates

Meeting these minimum qualifications does not guarantee a game warden position.

Game Warden Selection Process

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department conduct a selection process for game wardens which can be quick or slow depending on the status of the department and their needs. The selection process consists of interviews, background checks, and tests to confirm the minimum qualifications have been met by the applicant. Once selected, game warden cadets must attend the Game Warden Training Academy for 29-weeks and reside at the academy full time. The Academy is in Austin. At the academy cadets learn everything from first aid to law enforcement tactics. Following successful completion of the academy, cadets must pass the state peace officers licensing exam at which point a cadet is commissioned by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a Game Warden 1.

For more information about becoming a Texas Game Warden contact Human Resources 512-389-4545.

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